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Helping Bay Area Employees Recover Wages For Off-The-Clock Work

Under the law, nonexempt (salaried) employees must be paid for work performed off the clock. Sadly, in many instances, many California workers are often required to complete jobs or tasks before they punch in for the day or punch out after work.

Given the myriad of industries, work environments and jobs, off-the-clock tasks are incalculable. So how do you know if the tasks you perform as an employee are off the clock?

Examples Of Tasks Performed Off The Clock

IF you are performing work for your employer and aren't free to leave, chances are you are performing work you should be getting paid for.

There are countless examples but here are a few common instances:

  • Food prep work: Restaurant workers, bartenders or chefs who set up their stations before beginning their shifts.
  • Vehicle maintenance or loading: Delivery drivers or construction workers who warm up, fuel or load a truck before their shift.
  • Post-shift cleaning or organizing: Retail workers or restaurant employees who clean, straighten, or move chairs, tables or furniture after they clock out to get the store ready for the morning shift.

All of these classify as off-the-clock work and employers are violating the law if they fail to pay wages for any of the above duties.

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