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Severance Agreements

Offering Negotiation And Review Of Severance Agreements For East Bay Employees

Why You Need A Lawyer To Review And Negotiate Your Severance?

Before you sign away your legal rights in a severance agreement, hiring an experienced employment law attorney to review the agreement is advisable. Here's why.

You Could Risk Signing Away Important Rights

Severance agreements contain provisions that prohibit employees from seeking additional compensation from the company in the future, or from filing any other legal claim. In effect, employees are agreeing to sign away important legal rights for a cash buyout. It is important to have a lawyer review any proposed agreement to be sure that it is fair.

Additionally, severance packages are not a one-size-fits-all. While many are lump-sum cash payments, others can be a combination of cash and additional benefits, such as extended health care or the right to receive unemployment benefits.

Helping You Understand Your Rights

At Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, our employment law attorneys, Eugene Franklin and Barbara Green, draw on more than 60 years of collective trial and negotiation experience helping workers throughout the East Bay Area with severance agreements.

Whether the agreement is to provide you with a financial lifeline while you seek other employment or recognition of your contributions to an organization, we can ensure that such an agreement protects your interests and maximizes your financial situation.

Consult With Our Attorneys For Experienced Legal Help

We invite you to contact our employment law team in Hayward to discuss your agreement and goals you wish to accomplish.

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