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Religious Discrimination

Helping You Fight Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Freedom of religion is one of our nation's founding principles. People are free to practice whichever religion they choose, and this liberty extends into the workplace as well.

However, despite federal and California laws prohibiting workplace discrimination on the basis of religion, too many employers think it is acceptable to discriminate or base staffing decisions on an employee's religious beliefs or practices they dislike or disagree with.

Ways Employers Discriminate Based On Religion

There are discrete ways some employers will attempt to cover up their discriminatory actions against certain employees on the basis of their religious preference.

While some employers' actions are explicit, many find pretexts for firing, demoting or refusing to hire certain individuals. They can slowly build false, negative work records for employees that they then use as a justification for termination and demotion.

Experienced Representation To Fight For You

At Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, our experienced employment law attorneys have dealt with such tactics and helped many people who have encountered similar situations.

We investigate thoroughly, gathering any and all possible information about our clients' work histories, encounters with supervisors and more.

In situations where discrimination is established, we can help our clients obtain compensation for their losses or job reinstatement if they were illegally fired.

We can help you.

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If you have faced an adverse employment action because of your faith, contact our team to discuss your case with one of our experienced Hayward lawyers.

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