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It is illegal for employers to fire or retaliate against employees who speak with a lawyer.

Race And National Origin Discrimination

Helping East Bay Area Employees File Race-Based Workplace Discrimination Claims

California and federal laws protect workers from discrimination at work because of their race or country of origin. As much as we hope that this type of discrimination would be a thing of the past in today's diverse workplaces, the reality is that many employers continue to treat employees unfairly because of these very reasons.

Unfair treatment in hiring, firing and promotion because of race, unfortunately, happens every day.

Highly Experienced Employment Law Attorneys To Help You

At Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, in Hayward, our attorneys are highly experienced in handling these types of claims.

As veteran trial lawyers, we take an aggressive approach to help our clients protect their legal rights. We have handled race discrimination claims and others, such as age or religion, for workers all throughout the Bay Area for many years.

Lawyers Who Know The Tactics Employers Use

Employers are likely to create a pretext for taking negative action against an employee or job candidate; they may try to cite a negative work record or other factors that could be used to justify firing someone, or passing him or her over for a promotion.

At our firm, our lawyers will undertake a thorough review of all aspects of your case to determine if, in fact, your employer used an illegal bias to influence decisions related to your employment.

If discrimination was present, we can pursue reinstatement (in the case of firings) or compensation for your financial losses related to a job loss or denial of a promotion.

Get An Experienced Legal Ally In Your Case. Contact Our Firm Today.

If you have been subjected to discrimination because of your race or national origin, please contact our firm to get help from an experienced employment law attorney from our team. We can determine your legal options and make sure your employer is held accountable.

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