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It is illegal for employers to fire or retaliate against employees who speak with a lawyer.

Gender And Pregnancy Discrimination

Handling Gender And Pregnancy Discrimination For East Bay

When Discrimination Occurs Because Of Your Gender Or Pregnancy, Our Firm Is Here To Help.

As an employee, you would like to think that you succeed — or, in some cases, even fail — by the weight of your own merits and nothing more.

When receiving a promotion, you should feel confident that it was because of your potential and record of accomplishment. By the same token, when you are passed up for employment or a higher position, the only reason should be because there were simply better-qualified candidates.

However, employers today, often bypass employees who are uniquely qualified for a promotion simply because of their gender or because they are pregnant – despite the prohibition under federal law and California statutes.

Failing to hire, promote or even fire employees because of their gender or on the basis of pregnancy are commonplace.

Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

Sex-based discrimination is far from one-sided. Men as well as women can be the victims of unfair and illegal discrimination. Under California law, sex-based discrimination also includes discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Help From Our Team At Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC

Our lawyers at Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, can help. We represent pregnant women and individuals throughout the East Bay Area facing gender and LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

Our experienced attorneys know how to evaluate a case and obtain the evidence necessary to show discriminatory motive behind hiring, terminations and promotions. We use our decades of experience helping employees to get our clients reinstated in their jobs or obtain fair compensation for their financial losses.

Don't Let Your Employer Get Away With Discrimination. Contact Our Firm Now.

If you believe you have been discriminated against at work, we want to help you hold the employer accountable. Send an email or call 510-244-3354 for a free phone consultation.

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