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It is illegal for employers to fire or retaliate against employees who speak with a lawyer.

Age Discrimination

Representing East Bay Area With Age Discrimination Claims In The Workplace

Although people are working longer and longer, age discrimination continues to plague many workplace environments in Hayward and all throughout California.

In today's job market, it is easy for employers to look for opportunities to increase their bottom lines — even illegal ones — to try to replace older, more experienced workers with younger candidates willing to work for less.

If you think that your age was a major factor in your employer's decision to pass you up for another candidate or terminate your position, our California employment law attorneys at Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, can help.

Decades Of Experience Helping People Fight Age Discrimination At Work

Our team, including Eugene Franklin and Barbara Green, share decades of trial experience and have represented many clients throughout the Bay Area who:

  • Faced age discrimination during the hiring stage
  • Lost their job or have been fired because of their age
  • Lost promotional opportunities because of their age

We possess a firm belief that employers who discriminate should be held accountable for their actions.

The Necessary Experience To Uncover The Evidence

Employers almost never explicitly admit when age or another protected classification comes into play during their decision-making. Most often, they will attempt to justify their decisions with other, seemingly objective criteria.

But, as experienced employment law attorneys, it is our job to uncover the evidence that shows an employer's true, discriminatory intent. In cases where discrimination has taken place, we can help our clients obtain compensation for their losses or even get reinstated in their old positions in situations where they have been terminated.

Discuss Your Legal Options With Our Firm

If you feel you have been discriminated in the workplace because of your age — or another reason — contact our team at Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, to speak with one of our experienced lawyers about your situation.

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