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It is illegal for employers to fire or retaliate against employees who speak with a lawyer.

Employment Discrimination

Standing Up For Bay Area Employees Facing All Types Of Workplace Discrimination

Work is more than how we bring home a paycheck to provide for our families. It is where we spend a third of our lives — and often, more than that. Work is where we gain satisfaction from a job well-done.

At Franklin Employment Law Group, LLC, our Hayward-based law firm represents hardworking men and women in the East Bay and throughout California whose legal rights have been violated by co-workers and managers. We believe that people deserve to do their jobs free of intimidation, harassment, discrimination and other illegal behavior.

When our clients are forced to endure a hostile work environment, our experienced attorneys are prepared to help vindicate their rights.

Experience Helping Employees In Many Different Situations

Our lawyers represents workers facing many types of employment discrimination issues, but often assist with:

Wrongful Termination

Sadly, many employees have been fired or forced to quit their jobs as a result of discrimination in the workplace. We often represent those with wrongful termination lawsuits.

A History Of Success

Our firm excels in obtaining results for clients because we have the experience and knowledge to develop the most effective strategy for many different circumstances.

As experienced trial lawyers, we never hesitate to take a case to trial, but also know when a settlement agreement is most likely to be the best outcome in a case.

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